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clean french clock
Clean French Clock, shiny, oiled and ready to run for many years.
dirty french clock movement
Typical old french clock movement with gummed-up pivots and dirty plates.
As time goes by, the insides of an antique clock become stale. The oils, that started out as lubricants, become old and greasy. They pick up dust and dirt and turn into grinding paste. The clock runs by wheels turning on their arbors in finely machined pivot holes. The oil initially helps this. If you have an old clock and it just doesn't want to run, it may be dirty. To run the clock in this condition can do great harm to the pivots as the oil that is now grinding paste makes those perfectly machined pivot holes into egg shaped and untrue grooves. Sometimes it's just the gummy old oil that stops the clock. Cleaning a clock means completely opening up the clock and cleaning all the arbors and pivot holes.
clcok parts on bench
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