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Raleigh cotter pin

Raleigh style Tapered Cotter Pin

Beautifully reproduced Tapered Cotter Pin for the Raleigh "R" nut. These cotter pins fit older Raleigh bicycles from the 1960's, 70's and 80's. They are Cadmium plated and each pin has a heavy duty 1/16th inch thick cadmium plated washer.

1 5/8th inch overall length.

3/8th inch (9.5) mm diameter

Price$24.00/ pair

Back in stock as of 10/17/2013

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Usually when I tear down a Raleigh bicycle I damage the cotter pins. Replacements with the Raleigh threading are unavailable, so the "R" nut couldn't be reused. But that's the fun! I decided to make these cotter pins with the Raleigh threading so that I could reuse the "R" nut. Then I decided to make more as people asked me for them.

("R" nut shown for example only. Cotter pins come with heavyduty washer only)


cotter pins for Raleigh crank
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